New Castle County’s Big 3

When people think of New Castle County they generally don’t realize how much of a stark contrast one can find in such a small area.  However, each of the three major areas that make up much of the county have their own history, architecture, and culture that help them stand out from each other in their own right.




Wilmington is the iconic city of landscape of Delaware.  While its skyline pales in comparison to that of nearby Philadelphia, there is still plenty this city has to offer.

Since the mid-1600s, Wilmington has been a landmark for prosperous businesses and residential areas.  That tradition is still alive and well today as  Wilmington has grown into a regional leader for the banking industry while maintaining vast differentiation between local communities within the city limits and it’s surrounding areas.

Many recently added attractions to Wilmington’s riverfront have made it the go-to place for entertainment in the city.  Showcasing a 3-D theater, great restaurants, and our very own Blue Rocks baseball stadium are only a few of the things you will find there.  In addition there is an outdoor ice skating rink in the winter which turns into a relaxed outdoor beer garden during the warmer months.

New Castle


Since its founding as Fort Casimir, New Castle has provided residents with a great place to live and work.  This magnificent city in northern Delaware is packed with tons of history with modern amenities nearby.  Downtown or “Old” New Castle as locals call it is home to Battery Park which runs along the Delaware River and provides scenic views of New Jersey.  Slightly inland you will find some of the roads still paved in cobblestone and many of the historic homes to be bathed in old world charm.

When you venture outside of the limits of Old New Castle you are greeted with many affordable neighborhoods that provide easy access to everything Wilmington has to offer while avoiding the hustle and bustle of city life.




A generally suburban atmosphere, Newark offers its residents with the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life without having to go too far.  You can head north into the back roads of Pike Creek or Hockessin or venture onto the local campus if you are looking for a more lively atmosphere.

As home to one of the premier public colleges in our region Newark is a great place for residents young and old.  On the campus of the University of Delaware the youthful energy of the students will surround you while just outside of the campus limits you can immerse yourself in the picturesque landscape on the White Clay Creek park.
With a wide range of neighborhoods surrounding the campus’ “small town” atmosphere there is surely a community for everyone in this thriving college town.


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